Friday, February 18, 2005


What people want to know about most when they look at these is usually how long it takes me to make these pictures, to which I usually answer around 10 minutes. That's a slight exaggeration. I think most of these pictures were 5-7 minute exposures, and a few of them are fairly underexposed. I shoot on Fuji NPS 160 film, which is not at all made for night photography and I'm told suffers from worse than average reciprocity failure. I'm not really technical enough to answer that, but I've had ok luck taking a light reading, adding three and a half stops and then adding two minutes.

Anyway, the process is basically that I lug around a backpack with a graflex 4x5 field camera and a tripod in the middle of the night, frequently in Lynnbrook, New York, which is on Long Island. I basically picked the location at random and now I'm used to the town. I'm not particularly concerned with a general location but I do like the fact that it looks like almost anywhere.

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