Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Office and Driving Shooting

I forgot to mention that I was able to shoot two weekends ago, quite a bit, although the jury's still out on how successfully.

On Saturday, I took the 4x5 into the office and tried an experiment shooting in low light there. This came out of the fact that three weeks ago, I had to work over the weekend and when I came in, I discovered that they turn most of the lights off outside of business hours, and since it's basically a big corporate office building, it's fairly dark in the hallways, with the occasional fluorescent light and bright red exit signs.

I still need to scan the contact prints from that shoot, but it looks like there are really only two that were any good. I think I ended up making nine exposures, using basically the same process as the night photography. I'm not totally satisfied with the results, but I might try visiting someone else's office and giving it another go.

I do think I want to try focusing on office plants, not necessarily in the dark, so the shoot wasn't a total loss.

Then, on Sunday, I did another round of driving around New Jersey with Akilesh. I was extremely hung over and by the end was pretty car sick, so thanks to him for putting up with that. I have lots of highway driving scans to make still, so maybe I'll devote some time this weekend to doing that.

Work Prints

I've been getting a little bit screwed by the weather lately, or rather the weather report, which swore up and down it was going to rain on Saturday night, and which I stupidly believed, even to the point that when it claimed it was raining in my area code when it was plainly cloudless.

I did manage to go to the darkroom on Sunday and make some work prints of a all the negatives from the last post, and one of the office images, which I still have to post contact prints of. It was a crazy day in ICP. I think there must have been at least 12 people printing, and everyone was super cranky. Also, it was a little hot in there. The prints look pretty good and I think they work together well.