Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brooklyn Waterfront

So last spring I woke up crazily early on a Saturday morning, just after sunrise and walked down to Dumbo in the fog and early light, with my camera. I rarely photograph in actual New York City, I guess because the visual world of the urban environment isn't something I'm very interested in making pictures with. Perhaps it's the lack of trees.

Anyway, the pictures below are from that morning, in the muggy, Brooklyn air. I'm not sure what these pictures are for, or how to think about them with my other work, but they're something I've been thinking about, especially the angle of view looking down on things.

Brooklyn, 2007
Brooklyn, 2007
Brooklyn, 2007

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Unknown said...

Perhaps it's the lack of trees.


The first one's kind of cool. It took me a second to figure out the scale...the hunk of sidewalk on the bottom looked like it could be a glass shard or something.