Thursday, March 17, 2005

Seeing Art and Update

I didn't realize that in my last post that I'd forgotten to mention that the woman who I TA for at ICP on Monday nights, Marina Berio, has also been a big influence on helping me look at the blurry hand-held images in a different way. Not, directly, perhaps, but her art definitely looks in that direction.

Last weekend I saw a bunch of art and did a few art world things. First, I went to Chelsea on Saturday with the Sunday ICP class, where there wasn't much on offer, that I can think of, at least in terms of photography. I'm guessing this was mostly because of the Armory show, so what art there was up in Chelsea trended towards painting and higher end stuff. There was a fairly good if somewhat uneven Damien Hirst show at Gagosian (like that needs to be mentioned), and great Eric Fiscl paintings at Mary Boone. LFL had a great Jules De Balincourt show, and I found out my friend Cat works there, so we had a nice, if short, chat. But Chelsea was definitely all painting, which is also definitely how the art world seems to be trending.

Later that evening, I went to an excellent opening of a photo show at the Supreme Trading's Annex Gallery on 93 North 9th Street in Williamsburg. The Sunday ICP class teacher, Katie Murray is in it, and the show is incredibly strong, with good solid work and curated well. I went to a party at the Supreme Trading main gallery space a few weeks ago and I thought the art was much worse.

On Sunday I went to the Armory show, which was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. I know it's cliche to say that the commercialism of the big art fairs is disgusting, but let me add my voice to that chorus. What I do find enjoyable is finding work by people I know, which is always a little thrill and definitely says they're doing well, but I feel like that's a little wearing on who you're seeing the show with and makes me look like a huge bore.

I'm entering a contest at the Soho Photo Gallery. I don't usually do this sort of thing, but it's sponsored by K and M, which might not be totally meaningful, and the juror is Richard Woodward, who used to edit Doubletake and I believe spoke at my photo 3 class in college, and who seems like a person who might like my pictures, but again, who knows. Anyway, I need to shoot some slides, which I'm terrible at.

I also submitted images to the White Columns Gallery, which I guess is some kind of artist's registry. That I was able to do digitally, so I put together a submission from materials mostly found on this site.

So, fingers crossed, and maybe I'll try to get my ass in slightly higher gear in terms of getting work out there.

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Anonymous said...

Thought I'd leave comment this and let you know your efforts are being viewed. Good stuff man. I wish there was more time in the day, as you've got me jonesing to go blow through some 1's and 0's on the ol' digicam...